I  was born to own the name Spirit, be creative and do things in a “Novel” way.


I’m a multidisciplinary designer who becomes a specialist when needed. I'm an idea factory. On set something always goes wrong, and this is when I can use my ideation and post production skill set to make a problem into a creative solution.  For some jobs I’m all about the pixels, creating actions, speeding up workflow, the ideal pen pressure for tedious cloning or color correcting by the numbers. I’ll immerse myself in photoshop, stacking adjustment layers and drawing precision masks with the pen tool.  For other jobs, I’m type and layout obsessed - making sure there is balance, an optimum amount of white space, that my font combos compliment each other and are kerned to perfection. I also have a passion for packaging and label design - from creating a design template for a box or bottle to a full size vehicle wrap. I create custom Wix websites and have been using this platform for over 8 years. My newest infatuations are creating eye-catching  animated social media posts that people can't help but engage with.  I can work alone freelancing but I'm even happier collaborating and sharing ideas with other creatives. 


“The sign of a good retoucher is no sign at all.”




Growing up in rural Ohio wouldn't necessarily make anyone think "Mecca of Creativity," but for me it was. Along with my little brother, Lucky and sister, Miracle we created all sorts of splendid games, fortresses and toys . I spent most of my childhood riding on the backs of horses and rescuing wounded animals like raccoons, baby birds and pit bulls. I had a lot of nice toys, but I truly preferred to fabricate my own out of pipe cleaners, yarn and beads.


As a young girl, I worked in my mother’s photography studio but had little interest to follow in her footsteps. As a young adult, my passion for horses was replaced with fashion. After a few years of college in Ohio, I headed to Los Angeles to finish school and start a career where it was warm, cutting edge and stylish - where I felt I belonged!


Upon working a bit in the fashion industry, I realized it wasn't quite for me. I loathed sewing in dark, dreary rooms. One day a friend introduced me to Photoshop and I was hooked like a big mouth bass! All those years of helping my Mom in the studio and darkroom magically reignited a passion in me that I hadn’t realized was there. I had discovered the power of digital photography and the art it could create (with no smell of chemicals and dark rooms)! I refocused my love of design and visual esthetics to graphic art & photography. I have been perpetually intrigued ever since. 


Living in Los Angeles, I have had the opportunity to constantly expand my skills through seminars, workshops and networking groups. I was fortunate to learn from some of the best retouchers, photographers & creatives in the industry.  I've been working in-house & freelancing for the past 12+ years. I still get giddy when I learn a new trick on my beloved Apple computers. I pride myself on being the most stylish, lipstick-wearing, computer geek I can be.  When I'm not fixated on pixels or vectors, you'll likely find me playing sand volleyball with a camera close by. 


I live and work by two words - TENACITY & INTEGRITY. Every project is approached with purpose to do the absolute best job I can for my clients while

always maintaining a fair and honest business relationship.



retouching, design, photography, interior decorating, digital art, communication art, fashion, books, old art, new art, the surrealists, swiss style, beaches, swimming pools, 

sun tans, muscles, volleyball, hiking, my dogs, all pitbulls, all bugs, furry animals, entrepreneurs, photographers, art directors, teachers, quick wit, funny little kids, humility, open minds, integrity in life and business, manners, Greek mythology, Greece, Australia, long hair, technology, Apple computers, new software, sunshine and torrential rain, traveling, gourmet food, my little bro and sis, loyal friends, design stores, HBO, cameras & gear, cool restaurants, hippie style, wave runners, & really fast horses....














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